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As multimedia composer

T1TGA  (The one that got Away) - Optitrack Version;

for performer, MoCap system, 3D Environment & 3D Audio


Selected for WEPRESENT 2024 (MAY 2024 LitchHof Theater)

Selected for Fluidity: women and Non-binary people in Multimedia

( April 2024 Ligeti Center)

Selected for Next_Generation X ( June 2024 Karlsruhe)

Premiered on 12th of December 2023 - Forum, Hamburg


Concept, Composer & Cello : Carmen Kleykens Vidal

Text: Juan Ramón Jiménez [From his book “Eternidades”]

Translation: Raquel Subero 

Cinematics & assitance : Jan Wegmann

Unreal supervisor:  Konstantina Orlandatou

Technical assistance & light Desing:  Victor Ernesto Gutierrez Cuiza

Documentation: Bayaru Takshina

Dichotomia Tactus is a collaborative project developed by multimedia composer and performer Carmen Kleykens  Vidal and the contemporary pianist and researcher Carolina Santiago.

It consists of a series of compositions for piano and multimedia to resignify the pianist's gesture.

Through different setups and softwares as the Light Wall System (LiSiLoG), sensors and electronic sound, the artists create a concert programme based on deconstructing the musical gesture in the piano.

Dichotomia Tactus reflects on the relationship between listening and touch and the dichotomy between these senses. It is manifested through a game of dualities: light vs darkness, visible/invisible, audible/inaudible, corporeal and ethereal.

What exactly are we listening when we see a pianist?

To what extent we adjust our perception to a preconception of the reality?

Concert programme 

Evasión del tacto
For piano, Light Wall System and fixed media

Evocación del tacto (WIP)
For piano, sensors, fixed media, Light Wall System, lights and video

Impromptu #01
For piano, live electronics and live 3D piano model video

Captura de pantalla 2023-02-10 a les 19.53.40.png
Captura de pantalla 2023-02-10 a les 19.53.47.png
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco
  • YouTube - círculo blanco
Captura de pantalla 2023-07-28 a les 17.43.52.png

GlitterGlimpse (2023) with GlitterBox Collective

Multimedia inmersive Installation ---- Site specific

For 3D environment, SpatialSound, wood structures and White box

Commisioned by MS ArtVille 2023, Hamburg, Deustchland


Ms AtVille Festival 2023

Ms DockVille Festival 2023

VogenBall Festival 2023

Habitat Festival 2023


GlitterBox Collective

 Carmen Kleykens Vidal

 Victor Ernesto Gutierrez Cuiza

Jan Wegmann

Production and Management : MsArtVille team


For more info about the installation time frame

and the collective :


Arrels is a suite for cello, voice, animation, fixed media, live electronics & live subtitles premiered in Hamburg 2022. 

An immersive circular set up with 40 tablets doing spatial audio coordinated with octophonic on the room, lights and slow frame animation, as if I drawed for each of the audience.

A poetic intime war suite where surviving is based on communication and collectivity.


Arrels team:

Director, composer and performer : Carmen Kleykens Vidal

Light designer and technical team: Victor Ernesto Gutierrez Cuiza

Network and technical team: Alicia Reyes

Network and technical team: Lucas Xerxes

Costume design: Loïs Heckendorn

Co-Regie: Viola Mignon Bierich

As electroacoustic composer

As improviser and cellist

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