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We are an interdisciplinary young artistic collective based in Hamburg, working with different media: music, theatre, video, performance and dance where the use of new technologies is a central part of our production and research. 


In addition to our disciplinary skills as a collective, where we deal with video and sound programming, animation, light design, 3d modeling, XR environment design and spatialized audio, we try to work with guest artists for each project, which allows us to find a special and differentiating perspective in our staging. 


We are particularly interested in including in our artistic proposal reflections on the different problems that afflict the society we build every day: gender, colonization, migration, climate change, at the same time that we try to create artistic processes that are based in sorority and interdisciplinary skills


CONTACT:  @glitterbox_collective


GlitterBox Collective's last events  :


-    18th - 21th May: Residency in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg.

-    14th June : Glitterlicht.1 in Faktor, inside BlurredEdges Festival, Hamburg.

- 22th/23th Juli : Habitat Festival GlitterGlimpse exhibition


-    13th August: ArtVille opening in Hamburg, GlitterGlimpse premiered 

-   18th - 20th August : Ms DockVille GlitterGlimpse installation.


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